Big Book Tag

This tag was created by 1book1review. Click here to see the original video. You basically show 5 of the biggest books you have read and 2 of the biggest books you haven’t read. Going through my books, I think I have picked out my biggest books  so let’s get started.

The Name of the Wind / Patrick Rothfuss / 662 pages
The Republic of Thieves / Scott Lynch / 722 pages
The Well of Ascension / Brandon Sanderson / 763 pages

The Mad Ship / Robin Hobb / 912 pages

War and Peace / Leo Tolstoy / 1440 pages

Little Dorrit / Charles Dickens / 1008 pages

The Count of Monte Cristo / Alexandre Dumas / 1469 pages 


There you have it – some of my biggest books. Needless to say I’m abit intimidated by the two I haven’t read, but hopefully I will get to them this year. What is your biggest book?

See you next time


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