5 tips to help with mental health

Today I am going to share with you some tips to keep your mind healthy. Now bear in mind that everyone is different, so what has worked for me may not work for you. It is a matter of finding through trial and error what works for you, and sticking to that to keep you healthy. Also I am not a professional and have no training/degree, but I have been dealing with my mental health for many years now. These are just some ideas that I have picked up over the years, which hopefully may help you out.


  1. Take some time for yourself – I know this is obvious but sometimes life can get in the way of doing something that you love doing. Whether it’s taking a nice hot bath, or reading, or just watching a film, make sure to have time to relax and do something that you enjoy. Maybe do something that you love doing but you don’t usually have time to do. Whatever it is just take some time for yourself. I personally love reading and playing video games.
  2. Be kinder to yourself. I know some of you are probably making faces right now, and I know it is a very foreign concept to some people, but you need to be kinder. I need to be kinder to myself, as well – so we are in the same boat. Try to be compassionate with your thoughts. If you have had a lazy day, then don’t beat yourself up for it – maybe it was what you needed that day and that is perfectly fine. Be more compassionate in your thinking and don’t beat yourself up so much. Try to think logically about your hurtful/unhelpful thoughts and question whether they are actually deserved. It takes times and some work as well, but it will be a great practice to learn for the rest of your life. Let’s be more compassionate to ourselves.
  3. Self-sooth box – this is something I learnt from my sessions with Rethink. It is basically a box that you fill with things that can help you if you are down. It is a physical, tangible thing that you can fill with photographs, scents, music, old letters, anything you want. I personally like that it is a physical thing and that you can use stuff with happy associations for when you are feeling low. Maybe try to have something in your box for each of the five senses.
  4. Be open about what you are going through – I have first hand experience of how beneficial talking can be. Whether it is with your family or friends or your counselor, just try to talk about it. If you are not ready then maybe start a diary, because than you are still voicing your issues and it may be the first step you take before talking about it to someone you trust. Obviously if you feel you are not ready then that is absolutely fine, but please just give it some thought. I am so glad that I started talking – it was the best thing that happened to me.
  5. Now this is one that I am not particularly good at but exercise. Exercising has been proven to help, and it is just good in general to make sure that you are fit. Try to find something that you enjoy doing, whether it’s swimming or running, or even just going on a walk. It then has the added benefit of doing something that you enjoy. Just get outside and get your blood running.
Here are some sites that may be helpful:
Click here for Young Minds website
Click here for Mind website
Click here for the NHS site – for helplines
Click here for the Samaritans site – 24 hour helpline


I hope this helps. Let me know in the comments if you have any other tips and let’s talk about mental health. Any feedback would be very much appreciated. I hope you are having a great day. If not than you are a beautiful human being and you need to remember to tell yourself that. Happy reading 🙂


See you next time


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