My mental health

Today I am having a bad day. I am feeling low, lethargic and almost on the verge of tears. The fact that I am currently changing medication and on my period won’t be helping, but I’ve been feeling consistently low for a couple of weeks now. So I thought I would write down some things, maybe it will help someone out. Maybe it will help me. This is just going to be me putting out some thoughts onto a page, so please bear with me and I apologize in advance if it’s all over the place.


To be honest, I’m having some trouble with my blog and social media. My self-esteem is not good (realistically this is abit of a understatement) and so it is sometimes hard to differentiate from my actual self-worth and the followers or likes that I may get on, for example my blog. Now the rational part of my head tells me this is ridiculous, but it is sometimes hard to tell that to the emotional part of my brain. It has become very visible to me how destructive social media can be, especially to the younger generations. That is not to say that it is an inherently bad thing, just that there is a bad side to it. Anyway it is something I am working on, but it is a long process to build up your self esteem and I am trying to keep my rational part of my brain active, to continually remind myself that social media does not dictate my self worth. Another point is that I have only had this blog for about 2 months now and I am doing it for pleasure. I have got a great response so far, and thank you to everyone following me, reading my posts – I very much appreciate it and I know that having a successful blog is not going to happen overnight. I will continue to work hard on my content (without putting too much pressure on myself) and any feedback would very much appreciated.
So todays challenge for everyone struggling with self esteem is to learn to identify and challenge the negative beliefs you may have, and to be kinder to yourself. Be more compassionate. Let’s start focusing on the positives instead of the negatives.


It is hard sometimes. Without sounding dramatic because this is not a pity party, but it is hard dealing with mental health issues. So let’s all support each other and talk openly about our experiences so we all know that we are not alone. Feeling as if you are alone and feeling like you have no one to talk to is a horrible thing to experience, so let’s create an environment where we are open and able to talk freely. I am struggling right now, like so many others in the world. I know that this storm will not last forever, and I am taking steps to get better. So remember that you are not alone and that your storm will not last forever. Remember that you are a wonderful human being – you just need to tell yourself that :). Hope you are all having a wonderful day.


Here are some sites that may be helpful:
Click here for Young Minds website
Click here for Mind website
Click here for the NHS site – for helplines
Click here for the Samaritans site – 24 hour helpline


See you next time





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