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Today I thought I would continue with my recommendation series with five more fantasy series. I have already posted a recommendations of favourite series, which you can find here, but today I thought I would recommend some more since fantasy is primarily what I read. I am also planning recommendations of historical fiction, classics etc so keep an eye out for that. Let’s get started.

The Mistborn trilogy / Brandon Sanderson
It is an epic fantasy trilogy set in The Final Empire, a world with raining ash and a mysterious mist that comes every night. It has several interesting protagonists, but we mainly follow a young half-skaa (or slave) girl called Vin. The magic system in this trilogy is extremely unique and interesting. It involves ingesting metals to gain various powers depending on what metal you take, for example burning tin will enhance your senses. This main magic system is called Allomancy. The world-building and characters are also absolutely amazing – if you love fantasy than you need to read this trilogy.

The Powder Mage trilogy / Brian McClellan
This one is a epic/flintlock fantasy trilogy mainly set in the fictional nation of Adro. If you are unaware flintlock fantasy is basically fantasy with guns. With multiple POV’s (points of view), this is another trilogy with a great cast of characters, who are complex and flawed, as well as good world-building. The magic system is unique and we learn about the 4 types of magic (Knacked, Privileged, Powder Mages and Bone-eyes) throughout the 3 books. I actually picked this up on abit of a whim, and I am so glad I did. I was engaged in the characters and the plot throughout, and I will definitely check out anything the author publishes after this. This is a great fantasy trilogy.

Codex Alera series / Jim Butcher
This is a six book coming-of-age fantasy series set in the realm of Alera, where everyone has great powers called Furies (elemental beings), except the main character Tavi. This series has one of the best character arcs I’ve read (in my opinion), because through the six books we see Tavi progress from being a 14/15 year old boy to a man in his mid to late twenties. For me, the characters and their arcs are one of the best things about this book – to see them change and develop is really interesting. I also really enjoyed the war elements of this – it has a lot of military tactics and strategies, especially in the later books which I personally find fascinating. However I know that some people find it quite boring, so keep that in mind.

Bartimaeus Sequence trilogy / Jonathan Stroud
This is a young adult/childrens fantasy trilogy which is set mainly in an alternate-history London – there is also a prequel book, The Ring Of Solomon. I absolutely love this series – I first read it quite a few years ago and have reread a few times since. Bartimaeus is such an amazing character. Being quite a sarcastic person myself, following the relationship of Bartimaeus and Nathaniel (the boy who summons Bartimaeus) is really entertaining – Bartimaeus is quite sarcastic and cheeky. I think it was written for children (I may be wrong), but it can be enjoyed by a variety of ages. This is just a really fun and entertaining series and I highly recommend you check it out.

The Seven Realms series / Cinda Williams Chima
This is a high fantasy YA four book series that takes place in the fictional world of The Seven Realms. It is set in a traditional fantasy world of medieval times, and mainly follows two characters – 16 year old Han Alister and Raisa ana’ Marianna, the princess heir to the Fells. The pacing of this series can sometimes be a bit off, but I thoroughly enjoyed this series as a whole. I loved the characters and found the world to be an interesting one. I am also very excited for Cinda Williams Chima’s new book Flamecaster which is set in the same world. Definitely worth a read.

Let me know in the comments if you have any recommendations for me.
See you next time

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