5 Reasons to Read To Kill A Mockingbird /Harper Lee

Today I have another review in the form of 5 reasons to read… As you can probably see from the title I’ve chosen to talk about To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee. I first read this around the age of 15/16 for GCSE English Literature and I have reread a few times since. I think this is a modern classic that everyone should read so it was an obvious choose for this post.


  1. Due to the fact that it is written from the perspective of a child (as well as the writing) it is very accessible to a variety of ages and readers. I also just find it really interesting to see the events from a child eyes, because they sometimes perceive things differently. I found it to be an easy read and the language is very accessible.
  2. It is an important book that contains issues that still apply to today. You really think about how quick we can be to make judgements about people and even certain groups of people, without having the full story/information. Along with the themes of racism, prejudice etc.
  3. The characters are extremely well done. In Scout, we have an interesting and enjoyable narrator and her interactions with the other characters are a pleasure to read. I absolutely adore Atticus Finch – he is a great father figure who acts as a kind of moral compass for his children and society but not in a overbearing way. Every character is distinctive and you will enjoy each and every one.
  4. It offers a glimpse into our troubled racial past and does it in a realistic way. It showcases the best and the worst aspects of American society.
  5. It has funny, light moments to lift the more solemn and serious moments. It deals with very hard themes but due to Scout’s innocent perspective and the lighter moments throughout, the book is enjoyable to read – it is not all doom and gloom, if that makes sense.

At this point I think the majority have read this book, but as I adore this book I thought I would make this post anyway. Maybe I’ll persuade the few that have not read it. I also highly recommend the film (1962) staring Gregory Peck as Atticus. Generally speaking, book to movie adaptations are not my favourite but this one is actually really good. Hope you are having a wonderful day.
See you next time.

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