Beautiful Hardbacks

Good morning. About 2 months ago now, I did a post about beautiful paperbacks so today I am continuing on with beautiful hardbacks. I think the covers/aesthetics of a book are quite important and I love a good cover so I want to show some more appreciation of book designers. Let’s get started.
I am not going to go into detail about any of these books but I will link all of there Goodreads page like I did last time. So you can check out any of these books if you want to. Out of these books I still need to read three of them – Rebecca, The Woman in White and The Odyssey. If I can find who designed the books then I will also leave that information – my star rating of each book I’ve read will also be provided. As I think I mentioned earlier I think book covers are important. It is what first draws you to a book, but I also understand that you don’t buy a book for a cover, you buy it for its contents. It is an interesting discussion point. Let me know your thoughts in the comments – do you think covers are important?



Illustrated edition – Publisher is Oneworld Publications – ★★★★★




DSC_0017 (1)

Bee swarm illustration by Nancy Nehring –  


DSC_0008 (1)

Cover designs by C. B. Smith 


Jacket illustration by Kate Baylay and jacket design by Peter B. Willberg – ★★
Cover design by Neisha Crosland


Cover design by John Jude Palencar – ★★★


Watership Down – Goodreads page
To Kill a Mockingbird – Goodreads page
The Bees – Goodreads page
The Woman in White – Goodreads page
The Odyssey – Goodreads page
War and Peace – Goodreads page
His Dark Materials – Goodreads page
Rebecca – Goodreads page
Eragon – Goodreads page


There you have it – some of my favourite hardbacks that I own. I have to admit that I am less likely to get a book if it’s got what I consider a bad or ugly cover. I know that’s bad but I’m sure I’m not the only one :). I think my top favourite would have to be the naked hardbacks, so the edition of Rebecca and the Penguin Cloth bound editions. I hope you are all having a wonderful day and I will see you next time.





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