Avatar: the Last Airbender Book Tag

Hello, today it is time for another tag. When I saw this, I just had to do it – I love the animated TV series this tag is based, Avatar: The Last Airbender. If you haven’t seen it, you should seriously try out the first series. It is such a fun and hilarious series. It is so good. The tag was created by Hannah over on her Youtube channel, A Clockwork Reader (definitely go subscribe – I love her channel) and you can check out the original video here. There are some great questions so let’s get started.


1. Katara and Sokka: Best sibling relationship
The first siblings that came to mind is actually a bit of a spoiler so on to plan B. Instead I am going to choose Moria and Ashyn from the Age of Legends trilogy by Kelley Armstrong – I love how close they are but they are also very much their own individuals. I love that they really complement each other and they just really love each other. I think the trilogy was pretty enjoyable – nothing amazing or groundbreaking but I liked it. I absolutely loved the animal companions as well.


2. Yuai: Favourite star crossed lovers
To be honest, I don’t really know, but the first that comes to mind is Kestral and Ari from the Winners trilogy. I recently read the last book after debating whether to read it for quite some time and I was actually pleasantly surprised. I found that book 1 was just too romance focused for my liking and I just had a few issues with the plot. Book 2 was ok – I liked it but didn’t love it. I got very frustrated with the lack of communication between Kestral and Ari – ‘for the love of God just talk to each other and tell each other how feel’ was a thought that crossed my mind numerous times. I really quite enjoyed the final book though – I thought it was a good conclusion.


3. Blood Bending: A book with a disturbing/unsettling concept
In Order to Live by Yeonmi Park – it is the real life story of her escape from North Korea. Not only is it a very interesting read, it is also kind of scary in the regimes ability to seemingly brainwash the entire population. I have also just finished reading Nothing to Envy: Real Lives in North Korea by Barbara Demick, which is also very unsettling. I really recommend reading both.


4. Toph – A character who’s strength surprised you/or surprised the other characters in the book
 Malta from the Liveship Traders trilogy by Robin Hobb. Without spoiling the trilogy but her strength and resilience really surprised me when it emerges in the later books. If you’ve read the trilogy you will know what I mean – I really didn’t like her to begin with. I have a full non spoiler review of the trilogy which you can check out here.


5. The Tales of Ba Sing Se – best short story/poetry collection
I recently read At the Mouth of the River of  Bees by Kij Johnson and although there are some stories that I liked less, I just really enjoy her writing. The collection very much shows her talent as a writer. I also read and enjoyed To Hold A Bridge by Garth Nix – you guys should know by now that I love Garth Nix. 🙂


6. Kioshi Warriors: Best warrior character
The first character that comes to mind is Arya from the Inheritance cycle by Christopher Paolini. If you have read the books than you will know what a badass she is. I have to also mention Angela from the same series, because she is amazing as well. These are two of my favourite female characters – they are really quite different but they are both strong women that I absolutely love.


7. Zuko: Best reception arc/a redemption arc that should have happened
The first redemption arc that came to mind is kind of a spoiler so once again onto Plan B but for those of you who have read the Inheritance Cycle by Christopher Paolini you may know what I mean… I feel like this is also abit of a spoiler but the redemption arc in Burial Rites by Hannah Kent. Although entirely predictable, it is extremely well-written and I was completely engaged with the story while reading.


8. Iroh: Wisest character
Well I don’t know about the wisest but I have to say Atticus Finch from To Kill a Mockingbird. Not only is he an intelligent man, but he has this calm wisdom around him and I found him to be such an interesting character – basically he is amazing. He is by far one of my favourite characters and fathers’ in literature.


9. Azula: Best downfall
I think I’m going to go with Hannah here, and choose Hamlet by William Shakespeare. I studied it for English Literature A level and it is probably my favourite Shakespeare play that I have read, so sorry for stealing your answer Hannah. 🙂


10. Appa: Favorite fictional animal/pet
I have alot of favourite animals so here’s a few. The Disreputable Dog from the Old Kingdoms trilogy by Garth Nix, Wolf from the Chronicles of Ancient Darkness by Michelle Paver, Nighteyes from the Farseer trilogy by Robin Hobb and Condor from the Green Rider series by Kristen Britain.


11. Aang: Purest cinnamon roll
While I’m entirely sure what this means, I’m assuming it’s to do with innocence or naivete… So I am going with Errol and Benfro from Dreamwalker by J D Oswald. I feel like they have led very secluded lives, for various reasons, and so they are quite innocent in their way of thinking in my opinion.


12. Avatar state: A stubborn character/a character that struggles with letting go
I don’t know why but my mind is going completely blank right now… but I think that Althea from the Liveship Trader’s trilogy by Robin Hobb is quite stubborn, especially in the first book. She is both stubborn and has trouble letting certain things go, but Hobb is amazing at character growth. Althea is just naturally stubborn though, even with growth. 🙂


This was such a great tag inspired by an awesome animated TV show, so I really enjoyed doing it. I have now got the urge to go and watch the series all over again. Let me know if you have watched the series and who your favourite character is in the comments. I hope you are having a wonderful and I will see you next time.



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