Bookish Shoutouts

Today I am going to be doing some shoutouts of members of the bookish community. You may have seen recently that I reached my 6 month anniversary of this blog, so to celebrate I thought I would share some love in the bookish community . I am going to share some of my favourites from different platforms – Youtube, blogs and Instagram.


Bookish Instagram:
For this platform I am going to be sharing five bookstagramers that I love. I think there aesthetics are wonderful and I just think their pictures are amazing. You should definitely check them out.


  • Sam @ Sam’s nonsense – Technically not a booktuber but I love her channel so I am including it anyway. Sam still creates bookish videos, as well as other stuff including gaming and make up. She has some amazing content and I also love her dogs.
  • Marisa @ littlespider9 – This is one of my absolute favourite channels – Marisa is such a nice person. She has great taste in books and has introduced me to new authors and books. She also has a great Snapchat and her dogs are amazing.
  • Shannon @ shannonrosereads – Shannon is so lovely and I love her channel. She has quite similar tastes to me and makes great bookish videos. I definitely think she deserves more subscribers.
  • Mollie @ molliereads – Mollie has such a positive energy about her, it’s hard not to get enthusiastic about the books she’s talking about. I recently found her channel and I definitely recommend it.
  • Kate @ girlreading – Kate is such a nice person and I love watching her videos. She does a variety of bookish videos, including wrap ups, all of which are great quality.


Bookish Blogs:
  • Karina @ Karina Read – Karina is a lovely human being who has very similar tastes to me and we have bonded over our love of books on social media :). I love her blog and would definitely recommend you check it out. All of her content is fantastic.
  • Beth @ BooksNest – This blog is actually run by a friend of mine I met during my brief time at university. She is awesome and I love her blog. Beth has also recently started a Booktube channel, which you should also check out.
  • Ashleigh @ afrolicthroughfiction – Ashleigh has some great content on her blog, from discussions to reviews to book hauls etc.  Her Instagram is also amazing.


There you have it – some bookish shoutouts. I will definitely be doing more of these in the future as there are so many great content creators. Let me know if you have any recommendations for me in the comments. I hope you are all having a great day and I will see you next time.




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