T5W: Books I Want to Read By the End of the Year

Top 5 Wednesday was originally created and run by Lainey aka gingerreadslainey (Youtube channel) but it is now being run by Sam aka Thoughts on tomes (Youtube channel). Each week there is a different topic. You can check out the groups Goodreads page here for any more information and the future topics. Before I get started with my list, I just wanted to say that these are in no particular order because I’m rubbish at choosing favourites. Onto the topic of books I want to read before the year ends. Now there are alot of books so it was a bit tricky to choose only five books. Let’s get started.
  1. The Fox Woman by Kij Johnson – Earlier this year I read and adored Fudoki by the same author and so I am very excited to read more by her. I really don’t know why I haven’t picked it up already but I definitely want to pick it up before this year ends.
  2. Shardik by Richard Adams – Watership Down is one of my all time favourite books and I having been meaning to pick Shardik up for quite some time now. Hopefully it will happen this year.
  3. The Odyssey by Homer – I am fascinated by ancient history and mythology and I have had this on my shelf for years now. I know the story of it, but I am really interested to read the full text. Side note, I have the amazing Penguin Clothbound edition.
  4. Hyperion by Dan Simmons – This year I have been trying to read more science fiction books so it seems like this is a great one to try. I am excited to get to this, hopefully soon.
  5. Fool’s Errand by Robin Hobb – Ideally I want to have read the entire Tawny Man trilogy but for now I’ll stick with the first book. I loved the first two trilogies in Realm of the Elderlings series so I am very excited to continue on with Hobb’s books.


As I mentioned there are so many books I want to read by the end of the year but I managed to narrow it down for you guys :). Ideally I would like all the books on my shelves to be read by the end of the year, but maybe that is being a bit ambitious. We’ll see. I hope you are having a lovely day and I will see you next time.




4 thoughts on “T5W: Books I Want to Read By the End of the Year

  1. Robin Hobb is top of the list of authors I keep meaning to read but never quite get to. Reading at least one is an extra goal in my 2016 Goodreads challenge!
    Any recommendations for a starting book?

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    1. Well it’s probably best to start with the Farseer trilogy as it is the first trilogy in the series of trilogies… If that makes sense. Although you can start with the Liveship Traders trilogy which is the second trilogy as it follows completely different characters… I definitely liked it more than the Farseer trilogy! I love both though! 🙂


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