3 YA Mini Reviews

Hello again :). It is Friday, which means it is time for some more reviews. This week I have three mini reviews of YA books. I actually read all of these books on my kindle so I don’t have a physical edition of any of these books. Let me know if you have any review requests in the comments, as I would be happy to oblige. Let’s get on with the reviews.


Red Queen / Victoria Aveyard ★★★
Book 1 in the Red Queens series. I totally understand why a lot of people weren’t a fan of this book – it is a bit of a marmite thing I think: you’ll either love it or hate it. It is pretty derivative and conventional in terms of the YA genre – there is nothing new or groundbreaking within this book. However I still found it to be pretty enjoyable. It definitely has potential to be a good YA series. The plot twist was predictable but for the most part it was still enjoyable to see it all unfold. The characters could definitely do with more depth and more world building would have been good but overall it’s a light, easy and entertaining read.  As always I hated to love triangle. If you ignore the hype and just don’t have high expectations going in, then I think you will enjoy it.  I have been debating whether or not to pick up the sequel… Let me know if you’ve read it if you think I should pick it up.


Stolen Songbird / Danielle L. Jensen ★★
Book 1 in the Malediction trilogy. This ended up not being my thing. I found that it was too romanced centred. I felt like everything took a bit of a back seat compared with the romance. The characters were frustrating and I wasn’t a huge of the heroine as a whole. The writing was fine, if a bit wordy at times. The world building could do with some work, especially the human world – I felt that was lacking and I would have liked more depth. The suggestion of a love triangle was unnecessary and as always annoying. In my opinion it was also too long and drawn out. It was OK but not really my thing. If you are a big YA fantasy reader then you would probably like this.


Poison Study / Maria V. Snyder ★★★★
Book 1 of the Study series – originally a trilogy, a further three books have been released (Soulfinders trilogy). This is such an addictive book and series. It definitely has some issues, but I love it anyway. Throughout the book I noticed inconsistencies, whether it was the writing, or the characters etc – mostly I could see past these and just enjoy the story itself. I love the characters and Yelena’s development was very well done. I adore the platonic relationships/friendship in this book. The romance is quite a slow burner, until the end when it suddenly speeds up but overall I really enjoyed the romance – I like that although it is part of the story it never fully takes centre stage. I love the fact there is no love triangle. The world building could have done with more depth – I would have liked more politics and history, but perhaps that is just personal preference. I am so excited for the release of Dawn Study – book 3 in the Soulfinders trilogy, book 6 in the Study series – it is the conclusion to the second trilogy and is being released in January 2017.


There are my thoughts for 3 YA books – I find that I am not enjoying YA as much as I used to at the moment. Maybe it’s just a phase. I think I have been more critical of them as a whole – I don’t really know to be honest. I think I need to be in the right mood to read YA – I am very much a mood reader. Anyway I won’t keep you any longer :).  Let me know in the comments if you have any recommendations for me or what your favourite YA book is.


I will see you next time





4 thoughts on “3 YA Mini Reviews

    1. Yeah I liked Red Queen but I haven’t tried out the sequel… I don’t know if I will! Yes the Study series is really good 🙂


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