Bookish Shoutouts Part 2

Hi guys, I thought I would do some more bookish shout outs today, as there are so many amazing content creators out there. It’s important to share the love. Similar to last time, I will talk about people from different platforms of social media. You can check out Part 1 here.


Instagram: With all of these 5 bookstagrammer, I just really love their aesthetics – they all give me bookstagram envy :). Definitely check them out.


  • Giula talks too much – Giula is an Italian booktuber and she is such a lovely person. I am so glad I meet her through social media. She makes great content all about books. You should definitely check out her instagram and snapchat accounts too.
  • Pixie tonic – Daniella does amazing critiques of the books she reads, and just creates wonderful content on her channel. She is so enthusiastic and positive –  that enthusiasm is contagious. She also talks about writing, if you are interested in that.
  • Jeans bookish thoughts – Jean is a Scottish Booktuber, who reads a wide range of books. I love her commentary of the books she’s read, and her bookish content is always a pleasure to watch. If you are interested in the ancient world, then you should definitely check her out as that is an area of interest for Jean.
  • Squibbles reads – Joce primarily reads thrillers/mystery, literary fiction and contemporary. She does great commentary on all the books she reads. She has quite a different taste in books to me, but I still find great recommendations from her.
  • A Clockwork Reader – Hannah has created a great channel. Like the others on this list, she creates wonderful bookish content. She reads a wide range of books, and is a lovely person. Her snapchat account is also really good.


Book Blog:
  • Ola Reads Book –  this is actually a new find for me. Ola is a Polish book blogger and she does great book reviews, as well as other bookish content.
  • A Frolic Through Fiction – Ashleigh does a great range of content on her blog, from reviews, to discussions, to wrap ups. I have been following her blog since I started mine, and I have found her blog inspiring.
  • Read at Midnight – this is a relatively new find for me, but it is fast becoming a favourite of mine. Aentee reads a wide range of books, and writes up great reviews. On her blog, you’ll also find a range of other blog posts as well.
  • Big City Bookworm – Maria posts a bout a wide range of things including book reviews, film reviews, wrap ups and book hauls. I have been following her blog since I started mine and I love catching up with her posts.


That is all I have for you all today. I hope you have found a new instagram, youtube channel or blog to follow after this post or just show these talented guys some love. I hope you are all having a wonderful day and I will see you next time.




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