Non-Bookish Christmas Gift Ideas

Hi guys, it is day 1 of blogmas. If you have no idea what blogmas is, it basically means I will be posting everyday until Christmas day. So expect alot of post from me this month :). I thought I would start this off with some non bookish Christmas gift ideas. I’ve already posted some bookish ideas. Now these are just some ideas of gifts that I personally really like so I will have missed some things – for example I am not a big make up person so I haven’t included any in this post. These are things that I personally would like and would get other people as well.
  • T2 Tea for one set (one shown is £20) – I think this is a great present for a tea lover! I wouldn’t mind getting one myself 🙂 T2 have so many possibilities of presents – there are some great gift packs and a wide range of tea-wares. Check out there website here.
  • Origins Super Star Minis (£30) is a great choice for someone who likes skincare or is just getting into skincare. I am a huge fan of this brand and received this gift set last year. I also highly recommend the Gloomaway range – the souffle and body wash are my two favourites and they smell incredible. Obviously most skincare/body care brands will have there own gift sets so you can choose whatever works best for the person and your budget.
  • Stationary such as the picture notebooks from the etsy store Nikkistrange. I am a huge fan of stationary and love getting new notebooks etc. Stationary makes a great little gift or as a stocking filler. I really love these notebook designs, but you can get stationary from anyway. Paperchase is also a great place to look for stationary stuff. A nice diary for the new year is another great gift.
  • Pyjamas – I personally think getting someone new pyjamas is a great gift idea. Obviously this will probably be a family member or someone you are very close to as you will need to know what size to get, but as I say I think it is a great idea. Slippers are also a great gift idea. The pyjamas pictured are from Fat Face and cost £42, and the slippers are £20.
  • Candles or diffusers. Now to be entirely honest I am not a huge candle user – I personally prefer using diffusers, but either way I think they make quite good presents. I love the White company candles and diffusers – they aren’t the cheapest but they smell amazing. The winter scent is so nice.  There is a mini diffuser set of the four season scents (£40) that I think would make a great gift. So many different brands will have candles and diffusers so you can work it to your budget.
  • Nail polish gift set, such as this essie set or this OPI set, for anyone who loves nail polish. This would also make a good stocking filler.
  • Pokemon Sun or Moon – I grew up with Pokemon and love it to this day, so of course I think this would make a great Christmas gift. I hope to get it myself :).

  • A classic black bag – I am a bit bag obsessed so if you know someone who also loves bag than you can never really go wrong with a simple/classic black bag.  The one I’ve chosen to share is from asos and is £25 – sorry there is no picture but you can check it out through the link. I am currently a little bit in love with this grey bag from Zara as well (picture below).
  • A good set of earphones. Some pretty affordable ones are Sennheiser MX375 In-Ear Headphones – I currently use these and I have no issues with them. You can get them here and they are only £12.99.
  • Jumpers and scarves are also a great gift idea, but again that depends on knowing their size as well as their taste/style. The ones pictured are all from mango – colourful scarfnude scarf and grey jumper. Obviously you can get these from a variety of places and make it suit you budget.

 I have to admit that I am not the greatest at getting presents – I find it kind of stressful 🙂 because I what to get the present right. Anyway I am excited for the start of blogmas, although I did find it a little tricky coming up with all those blog posts. I got there in the end though, so I hope are all excited as well. I hope you are all having a wonderful day and I will see you next time.



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