Current Favourites: Some things I like

Hi guys welcome to day 5 of blogmas. I know a lot of people doing monthly favourites but I thought I would just share some of my favourite things. To be entirely honest I had no idea what to post today so a favourites post seemed like a good idea – I thought I could just share some things that I love. These are going to be a whole mix of things, with the exclusion of books since I talk about them most of the time :).
  • Vlogmas videos –  I am loving the amount of videos at the moment. Two of my favourites are littlespider9 and sam’s nonsense. I also really enjoy extrasunbeamsjess and Claire Marshall‘s vlogmas videos.
  • Moleskine notebook and bullet journal. I’ve been aware of bullet journal for awhile so I recently thought that I would give it a go and I’ve really enjoyed putting this together for the year ahead. If you are interested I can do a whole post on my bullet journal process. This moleskine notebook is also great – I love the colour.
  • This fox mug… it is just so cute and I have been using it alot :). I have to admit I love collecting mugs – I have quite a few now. This one is from John Lewis. There is also a really cute penguin one.
  • Origins Gloomaway Grapefruit Body Souffle – this stuff smells incredible! It is kind of pricey but it is a great moisturiser and as I said it smells amazing. It’s not a very festive smell but it is one of my favourites.
  • Orphan Black – four series on Netflix. I know I watched this month ago now but I wanted to mention it anyway as I loved it. I am now eagerly waiting for season 5 which comes out next year.
  • Innocent Super Smoothie Recharge because it tastes really good.
  • Lindt Lindor Winter Edition chocolate truffles – I am not a huge fan of the plain ones but the addition of hazelnut makes it so much better.
  • This Chicken, Sweet Potato and Squash Tagine from slimming world – it tastes amazing and is definitely a new favourite recipe of mine. It’s great with some orzo pasta too :).
  • Two films I’ve seen recently (or maybe not so recently) that I enjoyed are Star Trek: Beyond and The Maze Runner. The third Star Trek was kind of disappointing but I still really enjoyed it and as it was recently released on DVD I thought I would mention it anyway. I haven’t read The Maze Runner but I saw it on Netflix and I ended up quite enjoying the film.
So there are some things that I’ve been loving recently. This post was written up pretty short notice so I’ve probably forgotten about something. I quite like the idea of doing favourites post, so you may see some more in the future, but I won’t be doing monthly favourites. What you do guys think? Do you like these kinds of post? I hope you are all having a wonderful day and I will see you next time.





4 thoughts on “Current Favourites: Some things I like

  1. I feel like so many people are doing Vlogmas this year, and whilst I love having all these videos to watch, it puts the dilemma in place of what to watch because I don’t physically have the time for them all!!

    I’m a big fan of bullet journaling also – I love that I’m able to keep everything organised in the one place because I’m very much a list maker and note jotter. Love the colour of your Moleskine; mine is just black.

    I preferred the film version of The Maze Runner to the book… I wasn’t a fan on the series as whole.

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    1. I know! There are so many videos to watch! Yeah I’m new to bullet journaling but it seems like such a great way to keep organised! I am a big list and note maker too! Yeah I’ve heard pretty mixed things about the books but I definitely plan on checking out the rest of the films! 🙂


    1. OK I’ll do a post on it then 🙂 I’m pretty new to it so I don’t know a whole lot but I’ve really enjoyed putting it together 🙂


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