Christmas Music

Hi guys, it is day 12 of blogmas and I am definitely getting into the festive spirit. As it is getting ever closer to Christmas day I thought I would share my favourite Christmas music. Listening to Christmas music is a big part of getting into the festive mood for me. Some of the music I very much associate from my children as we would always listen to it when decorating the tree etc. Now there are two Christmas albums we listen to every year – Phil Spector’s album and Michael Buble’s album. For this post I will be picking my favourites to share with you guys and I may add in some other songs as well. I will link to all these songs on youtube, so you can listen to them all as well :). Let’s get onto the music.
I am a huge fan of Christmas music so I had to make a post of all of my favourites. I know there is quite alot of Michael Buble and the Phil Spector album but that is all we really listen to in our house. What are some of your favourite Christmas music? I’d love to know if you have any recommendations for me :). I can’t believe it is so close to Christmas now. I am definitely getting into a very festive mood. I made the almond paste/marzipan for the Christmas cake yesterday, so that is now drying out. I hope you are all having a wonderful day and that you are all feeling festive :). I will see you next time.





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