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Hi guys, I hope you all are well. Today I thought I would share some blogging tips with you all. I have been blogging since mid-February now, so I thought I’ve been doing this long enough to feel able to share some tips. I can’t believe it’s almost been a year! I am by no means an expertΒ so don’t have high expectations for these 10 tips :). I can’t quite believe that I’ve kept this up – there have been quite a few times where my self esteem and self doubt made me want to give up. I am very glad I haven’t. Hopefully someone will find this helpful.
  • Write for yourself first – you should only blog if you want to, not for followers or whatever, and write about things that interest you. Your passion will be seen be your readers.
  • In a very similar vein, write what you want and enjoy it – the blog should be something you love and enjoy, so of course you need to write about things you want to.
  • Find your own writing style – this will be a bit of trial and error, but you’ll find what works for you. Whether it’s a chatty style or something completely different, your readers will appreciate you being yourself.
  • Be consistent, especially at first – this can help you get into the flow of things and will help create a loyal following for your blog. Be realistic about posting though – maybe start posting once or twice a week and be consistent with that. You can then add more posts if you feel able.
  • Get ideas from your audience – yes you are doing it for yourself but your readers are a huge part of your blog as well. Ask for inspiration from them. See if they want to see certain posts and include them in developing your blog.
  • Don’t worry about negativity – you are not going to get on with everyone in this world, so there will be some negativity. So far in my blogging time, I haven’t had any negativity aimed at me or my blog. However, I know that it is likely to come at some point if I continue.
  • Encourage interaction – it’s important to start a conversation with your readers and to encourage people to comment on your blog posts. I have loved finding like minded people through my blog and social media.
  • Get social and keep it going – I find this one quite tricky. I am quite a shy person and I hate putting myself out there, but if you want to get anywhere then it has to be done. The people I have meet through my blog and social media have been so lovely. This community is so nice.
  • Write catchy headlines – I don’t think I’m great at this either, but it makes sense that people will be attracted by catchy headlines – good logic that :).
  • Give it time – nothing is going to happen overnight, so don’t pay much attention to stats – at least for the first few months. Give it time to find your voice and to get a loyal following. It is not all about numbers. As long as you enjoy doing it, then it doesn’t really matter.


If you think I’ve missed anything, then please feel free to share more tips in the comments. Also if you have any tips for me to improve my blog, than I would be very grateful – I am always looking for feedback :). Hopefully someone will find these tips helpful. I hope you are all having a wonderful day and I will see you next time.





19 thoughts on “Blogging Tips

    1. That is a great tip! I have to admit that I struggle abit with putting myself out there but it’s got to be done πŸ™‚ thanks for sharing

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  1. These are awesome tips for new bloggers. I have another piece of advice, don’t follow every blogger that follows you. Only follow blogs that you want to read every day. Another thing don’t ask for follow backs.

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    1. Thanks! That is so true. I find it so annoying when someone follows me and then unfollows the next day because I haven’t followed back! I am not going to follow you just because you follow me… great tips!


      1. Yeah I did it a few times too and did the same as you! I just think it’s kind of pointless really!


  2. Great tips! One of the hardest things for me to do is to try to post consistently. I need to be better about setting aside time on a regular basis so I can post more often.

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    1. Yeah that is tricky – I tend to try and schedule a load in advance as it makes things less stressful for me πŸ™‚ Good luck!


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