Author Exploration: Michael J. Sullivan

Hi guys, I hope this finds you well. Today I thought it was time for another author exploration post. You can tell by the title that I am going to be talking about Michael J. Sullivan :).  He is an American writer, primarily of fantasy. I first came across his works in early 2015 and I am excited to see what he releases in the future. To the best of my knowledge, I have read most of his books. I think there is one that I haven’t read that is released and also some short stories I haven’t read. As always, I have linked each book to their Goodreads page as well as link to Wordery using my affiliate link so you can buy them if you want to. Let’s get started :).

In terms of a place to start, I think any where is a good choice. I know that’s not particularly helpful, but it’s the truth :). You can start wherever really. I personally started with the Riyria Revelations series and I was very happy with that – it’s was a good place to start. I think Sullivan writes books that are really easy to get into so it doesn’t matter where you start.
Riyria Revelations – As mentioned above this is a six book fantasy series. In book one we meet Royce and Hadrian, who are both about to be framed for the murder of the King. This is just such a entertaining and engaging series. I enjoyed reading every second of it. It is quite traditional in terms of the fantasy genre as there is nothing new or groundbreaking about this series. However Sullivan kind of twists that and does some different things as well. I love the bromance of the two main characters – it is one of the best things about this series. It is just great fun to read and I highly recommend it.
Riyria Chronicles – This is a prequel series to the Riyria Revelation series. A third book, The Death of Dulgath, is released but I read it on my kindle so it is not included in the picture. A fourth book is yet to be released. If you enjoyed the first series, then you will definitely enjoy this series too. It is so great to find out where these characters came from and how their relationship started.
The Legends of the First Empire – There is currently only one book out in this series. The second book (Age of Swords) is scheduled to be released June 28th 2017. Age of Myth was a solid introduction to this new series. It was not perfect, but once again Sullivan has written a very enjoyable reading experience. The whole feel of the book is quite familiar, especially if you read alot of epic fantasy, but that never bothered me. The characters are well written, the writing is so easy to get into and the plot although a little predictable at times was engaging and entertaining. I especially loved the characters of Suri and Minna. I am excited to see where this story goes. I cannot wait for the next book in this series. Side note, I think the cover design of this book is stunning.
I hope to read Hollow World soon, but so far I just haven’t gotten around to getting my hands on it. I am a big fan of this author so of course I would recommend his books. I find them really easy to read and enjoy. Let me know if you’ve read any of these books and your thoughts on them. I’m interested to see what you thought of them. I hope you are all having a wonderful day and I will see you next time.

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