Bookish Shoutouts Part 3

Hi guys, I hope you are all well. I thought it was time for another bookish shout-outs post. There are so many great content creators out there, I think it’s good to share some love. I have already written two very similar posts – part 1. As with the other posts, I am sharing some of my favourite accounts from different platforms – booktube, book blog and bookstagram. I couldn’t think of any other platforms :). I’m going to keep things brief, just know that I think all these people are very talented and are lovely human beings. Onto the shout-outs.




  • Lorna @ suddenlylorna -Lorna has great bookish content on her channel, including reviews and book hauls.  She reads a wide range of books and does really great, thoughtful reviews.
  • Catriona @ Catriona Reads – A Scottish booktuber, who again creates a wide range of content. I always enjoy watching her videos and love her enthusiasm.
  • Britt @ Britt Reads – Britt is a Dutch booktuber, who I have been watching for quite some time. She creates great quality videos, including wrap ups, tags and book hauls.
  • Jen @ Jen Campbell – Jen has such a wonderful channel and she seems so lovely. She reads a wide range of books – some of which I wouldn’t necessarily pick up and I like that through her channel I am expanding my taste in books. I also love her series Fairytales with Jen.
  • Jessica @ Between Stories – I love Jessica! She is so lovely and she creates great bookish content. We have shared our mutual love of the Uncharted series on twitter 🙂


Book Blog:
  • The Misstery – Annie does a load of reviews of a wide range of books. She also has other bookish content on her blog as well.
  • readerinareverie – Jen has an awesome blog. I mentioned her instagram in a preview shoutout post but I thought I would mention her blog as well.
  • ozbooksnail – Kirstie is an Australian book blogger, who does a wide range of bookish content.
  • Wee reader – Christine is a Scottish book blogger. She does a mix of bookish content and writing content. All of which is great quality.
  • wordsandotherbeasts – Caitlin does a load of great posts on her blog and we’ve also expressed our mutual love for things on twitter. I love her blog and definitely think you should check it out.


Let me know if you have any recommendations for me. I am always up for finding amazing new bookish content. I hope you are all having a wonderful day and I will see you next time.





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