Series I Want to Start

Hi guys, so there are so many series out there that I want to try out, which is why I am sharing 12 series I want to start for today’s post. You won’t be surprised to find that the majority of them are fantasy series :). I am sure I’ve missed some, but these are the ones that first came to mind. These are series that sound like something I’d like and/or have an interesting premise. As you will probably be aware of by now, I read primarily fantasy and so I am always up for trying new books and series of the fantasy genre. Let’s get started with the list.
I don’t know when I’ll get to these, as I have a few unfinished series to read as well, but hopefully at some point I’ll check them out. I think we all know the problem of having an ever growing tbr :). I’d love to know if you’ve read any of them and your thoughts on them, or if you plan to read any of them. I hope you are all having a wonderful day and I will see you next time.





11 thoughts on “Series I Want to Start

  1. Shadows of the Apt is on my radar as well! And i also wanted to try out something by Kate Elliott, I heard a lot of good things.

    I enjoyed ‘The Painted Man’ and Larssons’s Trilogy is definitely worth reading as well.


      1. The kracian culture, which one of the main characters introduced in book 2 is from, is very middle eastern and islamic. It also seemed to over-focus on demeaning women and the main character I just mentioned is as bad as any of them, and he’s supposed to be one of hte “good guys”. I LOVED the first book, was ‘eh’ about the second and really hated the 3rd. Never went back for the fourth.


  2. I read the Millennium series many years ago, it was a bit confusing at times but when you get into it it’s very hard to put down because you’ll constantly want to know what happens next! At least that’s how I remember it 😛


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