Author Exploration: John Scalzi

Hi guys, how are you? Today I thought I would do another author exploration post and I’ve chosen to talk about John Scalzi. To the best of my knowledge he has only written science books, but please correct me if I’m wrong. I read my first book by him a couple years ago when I was trying out more science fiction books and I always keep an eye out for any releases by him. I find his books so easy and entertaining to read. There is also some short fiction work he’s done but I haven’t included them here. Let’s get started.


Old Man’s War / Old Man’s War series book 1 / 
The Ghost Brigade / Old Man’s War series book 2 / 
The Last Colony / Old Man’s War series book 3 / 
Zoe’s Tale / Old Man’s War series book 4 / 
The Human Division / Old Man’s War series book 5 / ★.5
The End of All Things / Old Man’s War series book 6 / ★.5
This is a fantastic science fiction series. The characters are fantastic, the plot is action packed and the writing is so easy to get into. I definitely think the first three books are the strongest but I did still enjoy the other books. For me the main characters of the first three are amazing and I kind of miss them in the later books. The fourth book (Zoe’s Tale) is just a retelling of the events of the third book from a different perspective. I personally enjoy the humour in these books and the action is done very well.  Overall this is a very fun and enjoyable series.


Fuzzy Nation 
This is the first book I read by this author and it is probably one of my favourites. I haven’t read the original this is based on so I can’t comment on any similarities but I loved this book. It was just such an entertaining read. Once again the writing is easy to get into and the plot is engaging throughout. As this was the place I started, I think this is a great book to read first if you are interested in reading Scalzi’s works.
Again this is a enjoyable and entertaining read. There are definitely some problems with this one (abrupt ending, holes in the plot etc) but it is still an easy read. The writing is pretty simplistic and it’s a little lacklustre overall but it’s still a really fun read. I don’t really have much more to say about this one. It’s definitely not a favourite of mine but it was still good.
Lock In / Lock In series book 1 / 
Head On / Lock In series book 2 / unreleased
This one took me a little while to get into, as the person narrating is nameless, so it got a little bit confusing at times. Having said that I think the concept is a really interesting one and once you get into the flow of the writing it’s pretty easy to follow. I definitely didn’t enjoy this one as much as some of the others but I am still interested to read the sequel.
The Collapsing Empire / book 1 in a new series / ★.5
I only really realised how much I enjoyed this after I finished it. I think I read it when I was in a bit of a weird head space so I didn’t enjoy it as much as I might have while reading. Thinking about it now, I actually really enjoyed it. I think the concept of the Flow is really interesting and as always the writing is easy to get into. The excessive swearing got on my nerves a bit but it’s only a minor complaint.


Agent to the Stars / unread
The Androids Dream / unread


Scalzi writes entertaining and action packed science fiction books. I find his books easy to read and they are just a load of fun. I will say the characters are pretty similar through all of his books – they are basically the same characters but I can put that aside for the action, plot, humour etc. These books are definitely not perfect but I really enjoy them. Have you guys read any of these books? I’d love to know if you want any new posts or any requests for future posts. I hope you are having a wonderful day and I will see you next time.








5 thoughts on “Author Exploration: John Scalzi

  1. I love Scalzi – I’ve not read Old Man’s War yet as I feel intimidated by committing to that many books at once as I know if I love the first, I’ll want to continue them all!

    I actually just recently read The Android’s Dream and it was ridiculous and I adored it. I’d definitely recommend picking it up soon.

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    1. Yeah it is a bit of a commitment but it’s worth it 🙂 Oh OK I’ve been meaning to read it for a while but I’m glad to hear you enjoyed it.


  2. I read (Well listened to the audiobook of) Redshirts and really enjoyed it. As you say, it’s not perfect but it was enjoyable and easy enough. I also thought it called attention to the weirdness of spaceoperas too, and I’m always interested in something with a bit of metafiction. I’m interested to try his other work, will use your list to help identify the other books of note too!


    1. It is definitely an easy and enjoyable read. I find that is the case with all of Scalzi’s books. Well I’m glad I could help 🙂 I hope you enjoy them!

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