US vs UK Book Covers

Hi guys, I hope you are all well. I thought I would do a 2018 releases edition of US vs UK book covers.  I really like checking out different covers of the same books and different illustrators vision of a cover of the same book. Maybe I’ll do another of these posts but include a load of different covers from different countries. In this post the UK covers are on the left and the US covers are on the right. Let’s get started.


A Veil of Spears / book 3 in the Shattered Sands series / Bradley Beaulieu / Release date: March 22nd
This one definitely goes to the UK. I just prefer the UK covers for this series… although I’m not a big fan of the colour purple I think it actually works quite well for this cover.


The Queens of Innis Lear / Tessa Gratton / Release date: May 17th
Again this one goes to the UK cover, although the US cover may be more relevant in terms of the book itself. I love the colour of the UK cover and I like the font of it better than the US one. Both of these covers are great though.


Head On / book 2 of the Lock In series / John Scalzi / Release date: April 19th
I prefer the US cover for this one. I really like the simplicity of it and the monochrome with the red book title.


Circe / Madeleine Miller / Release date: April 19th
I like both of these covers, but my favourite is the UK cover. It just looks so pretty. I think the US cover is more applicable to the story though.


Grey Sister / book 2 in the Book of the Ancestor series / Mark Lawrence / Release date: May 17th
What have they done to the UK covers? The UK cover for the first book was so good and now they’ve changed covers for the second book. Although I’m not a fan of people on the cover I definitely prefer the US cover.


What do you guys think? Do you tend to prefer the UK or US covers? I love doing these posts as there are some great book covers out there and the illustrators are amazing. These are also book releases that I am looking forward to, so it’s interesting to see there different covers. I hope you are all having a wonderful day and I will see you next time.





3 thoughts on “US vs UK Book Covers

  1. Of these, I prefer the UK except for the Grey Sister. The UK rendering is even worse than the US. I’m with you and not a fan of people (or faces) on covers. I find that the artists don’t do a very good job.
    Also, the UK version of a Veil of Spears looks like my version of The Slow Regard of Silent Thing (I purchased mine in Prague), same purple glow.


    1. Yeah that type of cover just never works for me. I’m not normally the biggest fan of purple but I actually really like the cover.


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