A-Z of Me

Hi guys, I hope you are all well. I figured I hadn’t done a more personal post in a while so that is what I am doing today. I saw this over on Jenny in Neverland and thought that I would give it a go. From what I understand you come up with something that is important to you or something that you like for each letter of the alphabet. In other news, I passed my driving test this morning and I am so happy about it :). Let’s get started.


A is for animals – I have always been an animal lover and would love to work with them in the future. My favourite animal is probably a wolf but I have a few other favourites as well. I’ve had dogs’ in my life since I was 4 years old and we currently have 2 border collies.
B is for Brighton – I was actually born in  Brighton, but we moved to Devon when I was four years old. Unfortunately I don’t remember much but I still love Brighton. 
C is for cynical – I would say that I have quite a cynical view of things. 
D is for dyslexia – I was told when I was 8 years old that I have dyslexia with elements of dyspraxia and have been dealing with it ever since then. The main way it affects me is my processing speeds so it takes me a little longer to process things.
E is for eating – I love food, although I am a bit of a picky eater. Some of my favourite food includes pasta, sushi and Chinese food. 
F is for family – I am very close to my immediate family and they are my support centre, so of course they are important to me. 
G is for Ghibli (Studio Ghibli) – to be honest I couldn’t really think of anything else for this one but Studio Ghibli have produced some of my favourite films and I always look forward to any new releases from them. Two of my favourites are Howl’s Moving Castle and Princess Mononoke.
H is for history – my favourite subject at school and the subject I would study if I choose to try University again. I have always loved this subject and I had some great teachers at my secondary school. 
I is for introvert – I definitely identify more as an introvert. I am quite a quiet person, unless I am completely comfortable around you. I much prefer staying home to going out and I need to recharge after being in most social situations.
J is for Japan – one country that I would love to visit. 
K is for kindness – because it’s good to show kindness to each other
L is for little – Not only am I a short person (5’2), I also have small hands and feet. 
M is for mental health – I’ve had issues with my mental health for years now and I think it is such an important issue to be vocal about. I’ve struggled with anxiety and depression since I was 12 and I was recently told that I am on the Asperger’s Syndrome scale.
N is for Netflix – because I like it and I couldn’t think of anything else for this letter.
O is for organised – I am quite an organised person and I actually really enjoy organising things. 
P  is for Philippa – which is my full first name, but most people call me Pippa.
Q is for quiet – As I’ve mentioned I am quite a quiet person and I don’t like loud noises. To this day I have to cover my ears if I go to a fireworks display.
R is for reading – no surprise that I love reading. I didn’t actually start loving reading until my mid to late teens but now I love it. Obviously my favourite genre is fantasy but I like to read other books from different genres too.
S is for sarcasm – my sister and me are quite sarcastic people.
T is for travelling – I’ve been lucky enough to travel quite a bit over the years. Some of my favourite places I’ve been are Prague (Czech Republic), Italy, New York (USA) and Hong Kong. 
U is for the UK – the country I was born in… I couldn’t think of anything else for u. 
V is for video games – I love play video games, either on the Playstation or my Nintendo 3DS. Some of my favourite games include Horizon: Zero Dawn, Tomb Raider, Pokemon, Legend of Zelda, Uncharted and Assassins Creed.
W is for Winter – my favourite season, although I do also love autumn.
X is for X-ray – once again I couldn’t think of anything else and I’ve had a few X-rays… I’ve also had two MRIs which were kind of traumatic.
Y is for Year of the Birth – 1994 which is the Year of the Dog in Chinese Zodiac. I find this quite fitting since I love dogs.
Z  is for zzz – because I love sleep.


It was actually quite tricky coming up with all of these… but I got there in the end :). I hope you are all having a wonderful day and I will see you next time.





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