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Hi guys, I hope you are all well. Today I wanted to share some book blog post ideas. I’ve had this blog for almost 4 years now and I thought I’d put together a list of post ideas, not only for you guys but something that I can refer back to as well :). I have 16 post ideas to share today, which I hope you’ll find helpful. Let’s get started.


  • Reviews – start with an obvious one. You can do different styles of reviews – e.g. full, mini, or a series review etc.
  • Book Tags – there are so many of these out there so just find the ones that you want to do.
  • Author Exploration – pick an author and talk through their books. Share your favourite books and maybe discuss which book you liked the least and why.
  • Author Interview – have a chat with an author. Obviously be aware that authors are busy people and it may take time for them to respond to your request.
  • Genre Exploration – pick a genre and discuss it. Pick your favourites from it and what books you plan to read next.
  • Recommendations – recommend your favourite books of all time, books from a certain genre etc.
  • Anticipated things – what books, films etc. are you excited for?
  • Tips (e.g. tips for new book bloggers, tips for reviewing etc.)
  • Discussions (e.g. required reading, hyped books etc.)
  • Book hauls – share the books you’ve pick up recently. You can also do an unhaul of the books you’re getting rid of.
  • Unread books – share all your unread books and maybe share which you plan on reading first
  • Bookshelf Tour – show us your bookshelves. You can either share all of the books or just pick out your favourites.
  • Series to start, finish etc. – share the series that you want to start or finish. You can also share the series you are in the middle of and the series you won’t be finishing.
  • Most owned or read authors – who is your most owned or most read author? Share and discuss their works
  • Favourites – there are so many choices for this one. Favourite maps, fictional places, fictional characters, quotes, childhood books etc.
  • Beautiful books – show us the most beautiful books you have on your shelf.

What’s your favourite style of blog post? I love a good recommendations post – it’s such a good way to find new books. If you think I’ve missed any great post ideas, let me know in the comments. I hope you are all having a wonderful day and I will see you next time.







13 thoughts on “Book Blog Post Ideas

  1. Such a nice list to have to refer back to!! I’m interested in getting into the “author exploration” topic and in preparation have been reading ALL of the books by some of my favorite authors. That way I can genuinely recommend which ones to start with and talk about improvement from first novels to recent releases!


  2. Hi! Thanks for the suggestions! I take part in the Goodreads challenges, so this year and last I’ve done a half-way-point update on how I was doing with the challenge around the end of June, and then whether I completed the challenge (and what I read) at the end of the year.

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