Graphic Novel TBR

Hi guys, I hope you are all well. As you can already tell from the title, today I’m sharing the graphic novels on my TBR. Now I haven’t read a whole lot of graphic novels but it’s something that I want to get into. I never really know where to start with some, especially with superhero ones since there are just so many to choose from. Anyway, here are five graphic novels and a manga that I’m interested in checking out.

  • Northern Lights: The Graphic Novel / Philip Pullman (author), Stephane Melchior (adapted by), Clement Oubrerie (illustrator)
  • Monstress: Vol 3 / Marjorie Liu (author) & Sana Takeda (artist)
  • Lumberjanes Vol. 1: Beware The Kitten HolyNoelle Stevenson (author)Grace Ellis (author)Brooke A. Allen (illustrator)…
  • Mouse Guard / David Petersen
  • The Tea Dragon Festival / Katie O’Neill
  • Nausicaa (manga)

That’s it for today. I don’t know if I’ll actually get to these but I’m definitely interested to check them out at the moment. I’m pretty new to graphic novels, so if you have any recommendations for me please leave them in the comments. What is your favourite graphic novel? I’d love to know. I hope you are all having a wonderful day and I will see you next time.

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