2020 Bullet Journal

Hi guys, I hope you are all well. This will be my third year using a bullet journal and I wanted to share my 2020 set up with you guys. I find it really helpful to use, although I totally get why some people don’t like using one – it can be time consuming creating all the spreads. The notebook I’m using is the Moleskine Art Bullet Journal notebook and the stickers are from Redbubble. Anyway, I’m just going to get straight into it. 




Firstly, I have a future log spread, which is a pretty standard spread for a bullet journal. The next spread is my goals for the year and my memories for the year. I quite like having a page where I can note down any key things that happen throughout the year. 
Next up are my monthly spreads. I note down my ideas with pencil and then follow up with pen once I’ve finalized my schedule. At the top right of the left page you can see some letters – they stand for written, photos, scheduled and posted. This way I can keep track of my progress with each of my posts. On the opposite page I have space to note down my to-do list, my favourites of the month and the books I’ve read. I have also got a post tracker for both my blog and Instagram, so I can keep track of when I’m posting. Lastly I have some stats trackers for my blog and social media.
I know I already have stats trackers for each month but I also wanted a place where I can see the years stats all together, so the next page is all about my blog stats. Moving on, the next spread is all about my reading year. This table is not only to keep track of what I’m reading but also what I’m reviewing on my blog. I have columns have the title and author of the book, as well as my rating, when I read it, when I reviewed it on my blog (if I reviewed it) and whether it was an ARC or from netgalley. Then I have an on my bookshelf page. These are all the physical books and ebooks that I own and are unread at the start of the year. Hopefully they’ll all be read by the end of the year.
Next up is my anticipated books page, although I do also have some anticipated films and video games too. There are so many releases each year, I find it helpful to write them all down so I don’t forget any. Then I have a spread about the series I’m reading. I have a series to finish page, where I keep track of my progress with any ongoing series I’m reading. The other page is where I keep track of the series I have started and finished this year.
Next up I have a page to note down my favourite books from each month of the year. Then I have a songs of the year spread, where I note down the songs I’ve been loving each month. I love the idea of coming back to these spreads in the future and seeing what I was loving at this time in my life.
This page is where I note down the films I’ve been watching and whether it’s a rewatch or a new film. The penultimate page is my favourites page. I’ve noted down some of my favourite things at this point in my life. The last page is a things to check out page. Pretty self-explanatory – there things that I hope to check out this year, like video games, films and TV shows.


That’s it for today. I really enjoy using a bullet journal so I hope you like these posts and maybe find it helpful. Do you guys use a bullet journal? Let’s chat in the comments. I hope you are all having a wonderful day and I will see you next time.





7 thoughts on “2020 Bullet Journal

  1. You might have seen that I’m a bit planner obsessed right now, haha! So this post is most interesting to me! Right now my struggle is using several planners because I really love them all and want to use them all. 🤣 I think I might like my small one best because it is so small and portable… but my new Filofax Domino is just so pretty that I keep opening it even if I don’t have a particular reason to. 😂

    I really like the sound of the things you track! I definitely want to implement a few, like the anticipated books (not that I have many, but I did just find out that The King of Crows is coming out soon!) and the song idea. I don’t listen to music very much, but I have periods where I get obsessed with one thing or two (like Into the Unknown in December 😂).


  2. Hi! Nice post, really enjoyed reading it. I’m did a post on bullet journals recently, but still in the getting-to-grips-with-it-phase, where I change things around and see what works for me and what doesn’t. Not sure if I’ll develop to a full-blown bullet journal like yours, but who knows. I really like the idea though of listing the (e)books you have lying around and then seeing at the end of the year how many you’ve managed to read – I might start a tracker like that. Thanks for the inspiration!


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