UK vs. US Book Covers

Hi guys, I hope you are all well. Today it’s time for another UK vs. US book cover post – the first of this year. I’ve done a fair few of these posts over the years, so you’re probably used to them, but for anyone new I’m basically going to be comparing UK and US book covers and picking a favourite. I have five book covers to share with you guys today. Let’s get started.

When Jackals Storm the Walls / book 5 / Bradley Beaulieu / July 16th
This one has to go to the UK cover. I love the UK covers of this book series and this instalment is no exception – also the colour scheme is amazing. The US cover is still good though.

The Kingdom of Liars / book 1 / Nick Martell / May 7th
Both of these covers are great but I’m giving this one to the US cover. I love the cover scheme and I found it a little more eye catching then the UK cover.

The Girl and the Stars / book 1 / Mark Lawrence / April 30th
This one is a tricky one since I like both of them, but I think I’m going with the US cover. As far as I know this book is set in an icy land so the colours of the US cover seem more applicable to the story.

The Last Emperox / book 3 / John Scalzi / April 16th
Both of these covers are great, but I think the red of the UK cover is really eye catching. I also like the font of the UK cover more than the US one. 

Night of the Dragon / book 3 / Julie Kagawa / April 2nd
This one has to got to the UK cover. I like that they’ve used the same colour for both of the covers, but I prefer the overall design of the UK cover. 

That’s it for today. I really enjoy putting these posts together so I hope you guys like them too. Do you prefer the UK or US covers? Let’s chat in the comments. I hope you are all having a wonderful day and I will see you next time.





3 thoughts on “UK vs. US Book Covers

  1. Sometimes it is so hard to decide which version of a book I want ahha! Since sometimes both UK and US have amazing covers!


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