Serpent & Dove / Shelby Mahurin

Title / Serpent & Dove
Author / Shelby Mahurin
Series / Serpent & Dove (book 1)
Published / 2019
Page no. / 513
Overall Rating / ★★.5


Serpent & Dove is a debut YA fantasy book by American author, Shelby Mahurin. In this fictional world, there is a war waging between witches and the Church. It is a dual perspective story that switches between Lou, a young witch, and Reid, a witch hunter or Chasseur. 
  • The characters are all well written, if lacking a little depth. I enjoyed both Lou and Reid’s perspective and there is a good cast of secondary characters, in particular Coco. 
  • The humour (at least I think that is what it was supposed to be) was a little cringeworthy and over the top. I get it, Lou sings lewd songs, I don’t need to be reminded every few pages. 
  • (Small spoiler ahead) I will say though, that it seems highly unlikely that the one person picked to protect Lou at the Chasseur stronghold is the trainee witch hunter that is sympathetic to witches. Also why would they pick a trainee witch hunter, instead of a fully qualified one to watch someone they know has associated with witches. 
  • The world is an interesting one, although more background information would have made it more vivid. I also wanted more information about the Dame Rouges and Dame Blanches, the two different types of witches.
  • The romance was the main issue I ended up having with this. It started out quite strong for me but once the romance started developing it went a little down hill for me. It happens too quickly and becomes the focal point of the story, which doesn’t really interest me. 


Overall I enjoyed this book, but not as much as I originally thought I would. I probably won’t be continuing on with this series, just because there are quite a few others series that I want to read more. Have you guys read this book? I’d love to know what you thought. I hope you are all having a wonderful day and I will see you next time.








2 thoughts on “Serpent & Dove / Shelby Mahurin

  1. I personally loved S&D because of the romance. Like literally everything else wasn’t important to me. I can totally see why it isn’t everyones cup of tea. I was lucky I went in early with absolutely no expectations but knowing it was just a witch/witch hunter romance really benefitted my ready experience. I reallly disliked the second book though. Super bummed about that, this series is definitely being drawn out way too much.

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