October Wrap Up

Hi guys, I hope you are all well. It’s the end of the month which means its time for another monthly wrap up, where I talk about the books I’ve read. I had a pretty good reading month in October, although I did also get distracted by my switch, Among Us on my phone and a paint by numbers I completed. Next month I’m taking a little break from blogging. I won’t be posting in November – I feel like I need a bit of time to recharge but I’ll be back to regular scheduling in December. Anyway, let’s get started with the mini reviews. 


The Crimson Queen / Alec Hutson / ★★★

Series / The Raveling – book 1

This is the first book in the Raveling trilogy. While I enjoyed this book overall, I didn’t love it as much as I expected. I just wasn’t fully invested in the characters or the story. I thought that the beginning was a little drawn out, so it took me a while to become engaged with it.

Ancillary Justice / Ann Leckie / ★★★

Series / Imperial Radch – book 1

Full review

This is the first book in the Imperial Radch trilogy. I loved the concept of this one – it follows an AI who is now trapped in a fragile human body. The story and world is quite complex so I did find it a little confusing at times. Overall I enjoyed this book and I am planning to check out the sequel, Ancillary Sword.

Heresy / S. J. Parris / ★★★★

Series / Giordano Bruno – book 1

Full review

I’ve already posted a full review of this one, so I’ll keep it short. I’d seen that this was recommended for people that have enjoyed the Shardlake series by C. J. Sansom so I wanted to check it out. It is a historical thriller set in Elizabethan England, specifically the year 1583, and follows Giordano Bruno, an Italian philosopher I really enjoyed and definitely plan to continue on with this series.

The Haunting of Tram Car 015 /  P. Djèlí Clark / ★★★★

Cairo novellas review

This was a fantastic novella, once again set in an alternate Cairo where humans and supernatural beings exist together. I love the world of this novella and Clark has done an amazing job at creating such a vivid setting within such a small book. The story is compelling throughout and the writing is great. I can’t wait for the full length book set in this world, which is coming out next year. I highly recommend checking it out.

That’s it for today. Hopefully I’ll have a good reading month in November too – as always I don’t have a TBR set, so I’ll just read what I feel like at the time. Quick reminder that I won’t be posting on my blog next month but you’ll still be able to find me on Twitter and Instagram. Have you guys had a good reading month? I’d love to know what you’ve been reading recently. I hope you are all having a wonderful day and I will see you next time.







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