Favourite Films

Hi guys how are you? To be honest with you guys I wasn’t sure what to post today so I thought I’d talk about some of my favourite films. You’re probably aware that I love reading 🙂 but I also love watching films and I’ve got quite a few favourites. I have already talked about … More Favourite Films

Time To Talk

Hi guys, I hope you are well. We are going to be talking about something close to my heart. Time to change have created a new campaign and set aside Thursday 2nd as Time To Talk day – if you didn’t already guess today is that day. I have mentioned in the past my struggles … More Time To Talk

My Bullet Journal

Hi guys, how are you all? So I decided to try out a bullet journal this year and I thought I’d share it with you guys. If you saw my favourites post last month you would have seen some of it. I did start in a moleskine notebook, but I kept making mistakes and I’m … More My Bullet Journal

The Christmas Tag

Hi guys, it is day 24 of blogmas. That’s right – it is Christmas eve :). I hope you are all ready for tomorrow. For years this would be the day we frantically wrapped all the presents because we had left it to the last minute! Thankfully the last couple of years we’ve been a … More The Christmas Tag