Red Rising trilogy / Pierce Brown

Title / Red Rising, Golden Son and Morning Star
Author / Pierce Brown
Publication dates / 2014, 2015 and 2016
Pages / Overall – 1342
Star Rating / ★★★★★


Earlier this week I finished Morning Star and I wanted to do a kind of series review/thoughts. I thought I would do something a little different so here is a review in the form of five reasons you should read this trilogy.  Red Rising is set in the future on a terraformed Mars and takes place within a colour-coded society. Darrow, the protagonist, is a Red – the lowest caste and he discovers something that will shatter everything he thought he knew about his world. It is part science-fiction, part dystopian and part epic war tale. That is all I am going to tell in terms of a synopsis, because I think it is best if you go in not knowing a lot.
  1. The depth of characterisation is incredible. Not only is Darrow an unforgettable protagonist, but the amazing cast of supporting characters is just as well-written and developed as he is. All the characters have flaws and they make mistakes, but they are all also just very compelling to read about. The character arcs are so well done, and it is a pleasure to read about their journey.
  2. It is brutally enlightening – there are so many times Darrow, or other characters, question themselves and what consequences may happen after their actions. There is an indistinct line between good and evil. Darrow’s struggle with morality and his musings on philosophy are very compelling, and are just another reason to why you will devour this trilogy. They may be good people, but they have to make some hard decisions.
  3. Although there are similarities to other books, for example it is often compared to The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins,  especially in book one – such comparisons don’t do the books justice. On the surface, yes there are some similarities, but look deeper and you will find a dark, gritty world with an amazing selection of characters that you will get completely lost in. Just dive into the somewhat trope-ridden world (on the surface) and you will see that Brown does it very well. I wasn’t bothered by it at all, and I promise you this trilogy is amazing.
  4. It gets better. The first book, is what most first book are, great but used to establish the setting, the characters and the plot. The second book violently smashes everything we thought we knew and just has so many plot twist that I ended up swearing a few times because I just couldn’t believe what was happening. I think the last book may be the best – I would have to reread them to say for certain but it was an amazing conclusion. If you have read book one but aren’t sure about continuing, definitely try book 2 – it gets better!
  5. The use of Roman mythology I really enjoyed. If you find mythology interesting and like books with it in, then I would definitely recommend it. The blend of Roman Gods and science fiction is unique and really entertaining.
So there you have it. I absolutely adore this trilogy and would highly recommend checking it out.
Have you read this trilogy? What did you think?
See you next time.

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