Discussion: How to keep inspired/motivated

Hi guys, I wanted to discuss something with you all today, and that’s how to keep motivated and inspired. I’ve been doing this blog for over a year now (about a year and 4 months) and there are times that I have no idea what to post. I sometimes wonder how I am going to come up with new content in the future and if my content is still enjoyable and interesting to you guys. I want to be able to create content you guys want to read but sometimes it can be tricky coming up with new ideas. It can also be tricky if you have no motivation to write posts, whether for reviews or any other post.


I think this is definitely something that I need to work on, so it doesn’t become a big stressful thing. Anyway I do have some things I do to help me if I’m lacking a bit of motivation or inspiration. Firstly I take inspiration from the bloggers I follow. There are fantastic bloggers out there and it’s perfectly acceptable to get ideas from them – obviously don’t steal posts and credit the blogger if needed. Just reading other blogs will help. There are also so many lists of blog post ideas out there – I’ve even done one which you can find here for book bloggers. Looking at such lists especially helped me in the beginning when I was first coming up with blog post ideas. Now I have a list of them in my bullet journal to refer back to when needed. Another thing I do is track some of my posts (such as my recommendations, author exploration etc.) so I don’t post them to often. This kind of helps motivate me to come up with new content too. Something that I think is a good thing to do when feeling a little uninspired is talk to someone about it, especially if they have a similar interest than you. You can then bounce ideas off each other and hopefully come up with some new ideas. Or ask your readers for some ideas and constructive criticisms to improve your blog. Or you can ask a blogger for advice.  I think it’s also important to have a routine or schedule and to stay organised. Obviously if that is not how you work than don’t do it this way, but personally I like have a set schedule. I plan all of my content in advance and like to come up with new possible ideas for each month, as I don’t want things to get boring for you guys. Also I want to be able to grow my main blog and try new things – being organised helps me with this. Even staying organised it can still be tricky to stay motivated and inspired but it definitely helps. If now of this helps than I think it’s time to step back from this and take some time away from your blog so you can work on it without the pressure of posting. It can just help to take some time for yourself – it is totally OK to take a break.


What do you guys do to stay inspired? I’d love to know if you have any tips for me as I do worry about keeping my blog going without just repeating posts. I am sure I’ve missed something in this discussion but those are some of my thoughts. What do you think? I hope you are all having a wonderful day and I will see you next time.





2 thoughts on “Discussion: How to keep inspired/motivated

  1. I keep my reviews the main thing. Non-review posts are nice, and always draw in more likes/comments, but if I am writing my blog to gain attention, then I had better be a darn good blogger.
    And since I know my limitations, I focus on what is going to help me in 5-10 years, ie, the reviews.

    And I don’t write if I don’t feel like it. Writing when I don’t feel like it is a sure fire burn out for me….

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