YARC Update

Hi guys, I hope you are all well. So earlier this year I posted about my participation in the Year of Asian Reading Challenge 2019 and I thought it was about time that I did a little update. To be entirely honest, I’m not doing great. I picked the Malayan Tapir level, which means my aim is to read 21-30 books by Asian authors – so far this year I’ve read 8. I think maybe I’ll start setting myself one or two books by Asian authors to read each month. Anyway, lets get onto the books I read and possible TBR ideas for the rest of the year.

Books read:
  • The Night Tiger / Yangsze Choo / ★★★.5 / review
  • The Crystal Ribbon / Celeste Lim / ★★★★
  • Descendant of the Crane / Joan He / ★★ / review
  • Dragon Pearl / Yoon Ha Lee / ★★★
  • Sword of Kaigen / M. L. Wang / ★★★★★ / review
  • Free Food for Millionaires / Min Jin Lee / ★★★
  • Waste Tide / Chen Qiufan / ★★★★
  • White Chrysanthemum / Mary Lynn Bracht / ★★★★

TBR ideas:
  • A Thousand Beginnings and Endings / Ellen Oh
  • Dogs at the Perimeter / Madeleine Thien
  • Women of the Silk / Gail Tsukiyama
  • Dragon Springs Road / Janie Chang
  • Want / Cindy Pon

That’s it for today. I definitely want to read a lot more for this reading challenge. I haven’t done great so far but I still have time. Have you read any of these books? I’d also love to know if you have any recommendations for me based on the books in this post. I hope you are all having a wonderful day and I will see you next time.

7 thoughts on “YARC Update

  1. In terms of fantasy books:

    “The Poppy War” (I’ve reviewed this book on my blog) & “The Dragon Republic” by R.F. Kuang

    “The Tensorate Series” by J.Y. Yang

    “Brave Story” by Miyuki Miyabe

    “The Twelve Kingdoms” by Fuyumi Ono (if you can find them)

    “Dragon Sword and Wind Child” by Noriko Ogiwara

    “Moribito” by Nahoko Uehashi

    “Monstress” (graphic novel series) by Marjorie M. Liu (writer) & Sana Takeda (artist)

    I haven’t read Julie Kagawa’s latest series (“Talon” & “Shadow of the Fox”), but I’ve heard great things about them> And, M.L. Wang has a YA series, too! I hope this helps!

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    1. Thanks, this is a great list. I’ve read some of the Tensorate books and I’ve also read Moribito and Dragon Sword and Wind Child, but I’ll check out the rest. 🙂

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  2. I’m also behind with my YARC list! I went for the lowest level though, because I knew I was unlikely to reach anything really high, what with my mood reading and all, haha. One I would recommend is Little Fires Everywhere, if you haven’t read it already! Such a thought-provoking read.

    Hopefully I can join the Sword of Kaigen readalong with Nils this month, as I definitely want to read it, and it’s a bonus that it fits with YARC. 🙂

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    1. Well hopefully we can both reach our levels by the end of the year. Ah OK thanks, I haven’t read it so I’ll definitely check it out.
      I hope you enjoy the Sword of Kaigen! 🙂


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