Author Exploration: John Gwynne

Hi guys, I hope you are all well. Over the last couple of years, John Gwynne has become one of my favourite authors. He currently has two completed series out and a third that he is working on at the moment. I think he has also written several short stories, which have been featured on a few fantasy anthology. Gwynne excels at writing battle scenes, whether on a small or large scale, and creates vivid worlds full of history and lore. The characters he creates are complex and flawed, with distinct voices and interesting back stories. His completed series are the Faithful and the Fallen series and the Of Blood and Bone trilogy, which are both set in the Banished Lands. 

The Faithful and the Fallen series
This is a four book epic fantasy series. The first book, Malice, is the author’s debut novel and was published in 2012. While these books are quite traditional fantasy in many ways, Gwynne manages to switch things up to create his own unique world, full of giants, wolven, draigs and fallen angels. The world is wonderfully built on throughout the four books and the Banished Lands is now one of my favourite fantasy world. The characters are so well written and it is amazing to see their development through the series. It is a multiple perspective story, but the plot itself mainly follows the life of Corban and his wolven, Storm. As the world and story expands, so does the number of perspectives.  The plot is compelling throughut and you’ll become invested in it from very early on. Gwynne does a fantastic job at building the tension through the books and the battle scenes are so well written.


“History is of value. If more of us took heed of the mistakes of the past, the future could be a different thing.”
― John Gwynne, Malice


Of Blood and Bone trilogy
This is a sequel trilogy set 100 hundred years after the events of the Faithful and the Fallen series. This trilogy clearly shows that Gwynne’s writing just keeps getting better. The world is a familiar one, but there is also so much that is new about it in this trilogy. Like the previous series, this trilogy follows multiple perspective. Once again, we get a range of interesting characters, all of whom are well written. I highly recommend reading the Faithful and the Fallen series before reading this trilogy, as it will give more of an understanding of the world.

The Bloodsworn Saga
This is Gwynne’s latest series to be released. The first book, The Dragon Unchained, is set to be released next year (2021) from Orbit. This series is inspired around Norse mythology and Vikings. 


John Gwynne is definitely one of my favourite authors right now and I can’t wait to read the first book in his new series? Have you guys read these books? I’d love to know what you thought. Let’s chat in the comments. I hope you are all having a wonderful day and I will see you next time.








2 thoughts on “Author Exploration: John Gwynne

  1. Great post to celebrate the awesomeness that is John Gwynne. And what a coincidence that I’ve posted my review today, too. 😆
    I’m really excited to read his new Norse-inspired series.

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